Its nearly here…..again……where does the time go!

Fathers Day is coming up and along with it that old question of  “What will we get Dad!”

A lot of schools these days have Fathers Day stalls which are a fantastic way of shopping without stress. (Stress for mum that is, we just transfer the stress to the teachers and wonderful volunteers running  the stalls)

As I received a whiper snipper a few years back (no he still hasn’t regained consciousness) I am thinking a food processor or maybe a nice pair of new shoes for my partner  this year………

Fathers  Day is a special day to celebrate everything about Dad (the good, bad, ugly and scary)

Unfortunately, like many others, it’s a tough day for me. My dad passed away suddenly when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest son and it’s a night I will never forget. Shock doesn’t come close. Then there is that massive hole left when the anchor, provider, protector, s#it kicker and centre of your family is suddenly not there anymore. It’s those random things he used to do, that you took for granted, that stop happening and its hits you. Usually when your not ready, making for uncomfortable situations (especially for my kids ha)

However never gone are those wonderful memories. (teen years not so wonderful…) They stay with us forever. Like the time when my dad wanted to try out my brand new skateboard first and ended up snapping it in half along with his arm. Or the time he cleaned up the xmas paper and burnt my brand new bikini with the paper. Or the time he cut his chocolate log for his 40th birthday with a chainsaw right next to my girlfriend wearing all white! Or singing Elvis at the top of his lungs while teaching you to dance. That’s what makes a Dad a Dad.

So this Fathers Day celebrate your Dad and Cherish the memories you are making as they are the best gift you could ever receive.

Happy Fathers Day Dad x